Customer Reviews

1. I used to be almost unable to control my appetite, and gained a lot of extra weight because of excessive eating. I usually avoid taking pills unless it is absolutely necessary, but my recent weight gain really scared me, so I decided to try this pill. My friend was on this product, and said it really helped, so, I started taking it, too. And the pill does work, I must say! It has reduced my cravings, I am rarely hungry now, and I eat moderately. I have already lost 5 pounds. The pills contain caffeine, which makes me feel jittery at times, so I take just one a day, but it is enough for me. After current bottle ends, I'm going to buy a new one; the product is definitely worth the money.

2. This product is not the first diet pill I I've tried, but I used to abandon taking other pills because they had too many side effects, even though they helped to lose weight. This pill does keep my appetite under control, and helps me to get slimmer, but it has almost no side effects, though it does contain caffeine, that can affect some people negatively, so, be careful if you are sensitive to caffeine. I have lost 22lbs! I recommend this to everyone, do try this pill, it works!

3. The product is too expensive for me, but it works, so, I don't regret buying it. I am much less hungry now, I'm full of energy, though I used to be constantly tired before, I am losing weight fast, and I feel excellent. There is, however, and important thing to remember if you take this pill - drink a lot of water! This is actually a good recommendation for any diet, as weight loss usually causes dehydration.

1. I decided to try this pill after reading many positive reviews, but my experience was terrible. Yes, the pill really made me feel less hungry during the day, and lose weight, but it also caused strong headaches and dizziness, sometimes it was hard for me to get out of bed, and when I did, I was afraid to pass out. Never in my life had I felt so bad before. I stopped taking the pills because I was too scared by all the things that were happening to me due to them, but the symptoms disappeared only 5 days afterwards. If you do want to try these pill, purchase a smaller pack first, just to try whether they're suitable for you rather than buying a big bottle and finding out that your body can't tolerate them, because for me, this product was a disaster.

2. The product worked for me the first week, I lost some weight, but then I had no further results. I just felt more tired than ever. This pill is so expensive, but it isn't really worth the money, it's just another ordinary diet pill that partially solves one problem but creates many other ones, such as dry mouth, headaches, tiredness, and anxiety, all of which I had.

3. I have been on these pills for 4 weeks, the first two weeks were ok, but then I started to feel hungry again, and increased my doze - I even took 4 capsules a day! And this gave me nothing. Maybe this pill is good as a kick-start, but the effect is not long-lasting, and it works differently for people. I am going to stop taking them.